Workforce Culture & Development

At Anaconda Mining our company culture is based on six core values – Safety, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Resourcefulness and Reliability. And, we live them every day. We look for people with these values. We hire them with these values in mind. We compensate them with these values in mind. Staying true to our values is critical to our success.

The greatest asset that Anaconda has is its people. As such, the Company has a strong commitment to employee education, training and mentoring. In addition to mandated training from regulatory bodies, Anaconda provides specialty in-house training as well as funding for employee education initiatives and professional certification. It also has formal and informal mentoring programs and makes a point of hiring people who have a goal of personal and professional advancement.

Anaconda believes it needs to increase the investment in its people to maximize its success. Consequently, Anaconda is creating an innovative and comprehensive corporate university training system – Anaconda University (“AU”). The vision for AU is to fully engage and develop employees while aligning their learning to the strategic objectives of the Company. It will be a platform to support innovation and the development of new ideas, provide motivation to the workforce, and retain and attract high quality talent.

The courses will include various disciplines and will be taught from both an industry perspective and within the context of Anaconda’s business structure, processes and procedures. They will cover technical subjects, management topics, safety, financial and innovation. Training courses will expand individual skills, improve critical thinking and decision making, and increase the confidence of employees, all of which will provide a long-term benefit to Anaconda’s operations and the individual employee.

Watch this video to learn more about Workforce Excellence at Anaconda Mining. 

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